Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kill the Tamil Snakes

Despite the genetic pollution of the rest of India's population, simply killing each and every Tamil snake regardless of appearances will enable India to survive and purify itself.
A Tamil snake named "Ramana" on Bharat-Rakshak is publicising a red herring floated by Tamil snakes of capitulation to China. But capitulation to China is just a corollary of capitulation, which Tamil enemies such as K. Subrahmanyam have been promoting, to the United States which has already invaded and is occupying the part of India that is the land of the Rig Veda and will expand its occupation to the rest of the subcontinent. The behavior of the United States' Chinese slaves -- for which the United States' contempt is only slightly less than its contempt for Indians -- is at the prompting of the United States which remains the enemy to destroy; China and all other threats will automatically be taken care of.
Such red herrings, besides wasting time, are meant to distract from the action needed NOW against the United States and are meant to shift the focus from resisting the United States to resisting China for which, according to the Tamil snakes, India must submit to the United States.
Kill the Tamil snakes and rub the United States out of existence is India's agenda.
Start with the Tamil snakes in the Cabinet and the civil service and work your way down. Both the Home Minister and Home Secretary are Tamil snakes. But simultaneously deal with the Tamil snakes in the streets and at every level and in every nook and cranny. Start from the bottom up, from the middle, start everywhere. Start with the Tamil snakes in the Supreme Court, in the media, in shops and factories and residential colonies, in towns, in villages, in the cities.